Santegic Technology Accelerator

A key part of Santegic’s mission is to accelerate bringing new health tech applications to market, while also de-risking their adoption by health service providers. To this end we have designed the Santegic Technology Accelerator – a combination of a foundational technology platform and a set of aligned supporting services.


Architecture & Code Review Security & Data Protection Assessment Accessibility & Compliance Review

Core Technology Platform

Santegic Interoperability Module Multi-Tenanted Environment Containing Base Components, Services, & Infrastructure Development Aids, Testing & Security Tooling

Support  Services

Implementation and Continuous Education User Adoption Monitoring Data Analytics DevSecOps

What Makes the Santegic Platform Offering Unique


At the very earliest stages, Santegic can assist with ideation & validation of your business concept, helping determine if the idea is viable, and if so helping you explore its potential in full.

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At its heart is the Santegic Interoperability Platform – a suite of continuously expanded and updated integrations and API’s, designed to enable new health tech applications to seamlessly integrate with the platforms and applications used by heath providers.

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We don’t just stop at providing the technology. Santegic also provides a suite of Support Services designed to ensure new health tech applications are thoroughly tested and validated, effectively rollout out into production and, once live, are continually monitored to ensure reliability, security and performance.

This means Health Tech companies can focus on developing innovative, high value applications, while Santegic provides industry trusted foundational technology components and services. This greatly accelerates the time to market readiness, whilst ensuring that once the application gets to market, it will meet all required standards.

At the same time healthcare providers can rest assured that any applications leveraging Santegic’s Technology Accelerator have been fully evaluated, properly tested for security and quality and are running on fully supported, best of breed technology. This reduces wasted effort in evaluating unvetted products that are potentially not fit for market. Additionally, once a Health Provider selects an application leveraging the Santegic Technology Accelerator, our Rollout & Adoption team can further de-risk onboarding the technology by providing expert training and user adoption analytics and support.

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