Start-Up Acceleration

Enabling new health tech start-ups is a key part of Santegic's mission. We believe that health tech start-ups are fundamental in driving greater innovation in the sector. To this end, we provide start-ups with a range of services to help them throughout their lifecycle:

1. Ideation & Validation

From inception, it is important to fully explore the problem/solution fit of a new application and to validate its viability and value to the market. Our advisors can help you take your new product idea through a rigorous exploration and validation of its potential.

2. Minimum Viable Product Development

Having established and validated your product proposal, the next step is to build a minimum viable product or MVP. This will allow you, with minimal investment, to begin to demonstrate and test the potential of your product, gather feedback from potential users, and reshape your approach if necessary.

3. Go-to-Market

The third stage is productionalisation and market launch of your product. This involves finalising your products go-to-market feature set and preparing a production-ready application environment.

4. Grow & Scale

As you grow and scale, Santegic’s services platform can grow with you, continuing to support your business. Our expert advisors can continue to support you as you grow and look to expand your services to new markets.

Ready to take your startup to the next level?