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Digital Health

In the face of the growing challenges faced by the health sector, digital health has come to the fore as an essential strategy to enable the health sector to meet these challenges. However, it can be difficult to navigate the multitude of different technology solutions that come under the broad banner of digital health, let alone plan and execute an effective digital transformation initiative.

Shaping an appropriate digital health strategy, selecting the right technology solutions, and developing an effective implementation plan for your organisation requires a significant investment of time and resources.

Santegic and its partners have decades of experience in digital health, working with health tech companies, healthcare providers, and national health administrations. Our advisors experience in digital health means we can de-risk our clients digital transformation initiatives, helping them map out their way forward and supporting them throughout their transformation journey.

Some of the area’s we can help with are listed below:

Healthcare IoT | Telemedicine & Virtual Care | Health Apps | Electronic Health Records | RPA & Bots | Precision Medicine | Interoperability | Patient Centricity | Health Data & Analytics | Medical Robotics

Operation & Process Optimisation

The pressures on healthcare organisations demand that they continually strive to optimise their operations. Streamlining administrative functions and ensuring safe and efficient clinical pathways is a must to ensure services are delivered to high standards, in a timely manner, and with minimal waste of resources. Additionally, operational and process optimisation is a key foundational factor in the success of digital transformation initiatives.

Health Tech Procurement & Tenders

Santegic, along with its partner HD Health, possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in health tech procurement and has a successful track record of assisting both purchasers and suppliers. For suppliers, we can provide advice on optimising procurement contract submissions and assist with tender completion. For purchasers, we can aid in identifying, shortlisting, and evaluating suppliers and solutions, while also offering ethical brokerage.

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