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Are you a Health Tech company breaking into the European market?

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Similar to the situation facing start-ups, established health tech companies from jurisdictions outside Ireland and the EU can find it difficult to gain a foothold in this market. Differences in regulation, compliance and procurement practice, to name a few, can make market entry challenging.

On top of this it can be difficult to identify the right contacts and build the relationships needed to establish a sales pipeline. Building awareness and trust are essential to establishing a business in a new health sector market. Having an established and connected partner on the ground can make all the difference and greatly reduce the time it takes to establish a meaningful market presence.

This is where Santegic comes in. To start we can provide you with a market readiness assessment service that will help you determine what you need to do to prepare for market entry. Our experience with the EU regulations such as medical device software and data protection, can help you to quickly get up to code.

As a recognised and trusted operator in the Irish health tech sector, our experienced and connected advisors bring the deep market knowledge needed to help you quickly establish a meaningful presence. Additionally, our experience and understanding of procurement practices means we can help you prepare and complete effective tenders.

On top of this, Santegic’s Health Tech Platform can provide a seamless solution to setting up a local instance of your application, should this be required. The Platform provides a ready-made, purpose-built cloud environment bringing all the needed infrastructure, services, and tooling needed to run a reliable and secure health tech application. In addition, Santegic’s Operations Support team will ensure your new instance runs smoothly and securely as your new clients come online.

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Health Tech Start-Up

Enabling new health tech start-ups is a key part of Santegic’s mission. We believe health tech start-ups are a key to driving greater innovation in the sector. To this end we seek to provide start-up’s with a range of services to help them throughout their lifecycle.

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Healthcare Provider

From all things digital health, to procurement and from process optimisation to sustainability and more, Santegic’s advisory team can help identify and exploit opportunities to drive services forward, increasing efficiencies and ultimately shape a better patient experience.

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