How Santegic Can Help You

Are you a health tech start-up?

At Santegic, we understand that bringing a new health tech idea to market can be a long, complicated, and challenging journey. The health tech sector is difficult to penetrate – it is risk-averse, compliance-focused, and reaching potential buyers for a product can be challenging. As a result, the health tech sector has traditionally lagged behind other tech sectors in adopting new technology. In addition to our other advisory services, Santegic offers a range of services specifically designed to accelerate health tech start-ups.


At the very earliest stages, Santegic can assist with ideation and validation of your business concept, helping determine if the idea is viable, and if so, helping you explore its potential in full.

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Once the startup idea is crystallised, Santegic can then assist founders in identifying sources of funding to help move the project into the development of an initial minimum viable product. At this point, Santegic can also assist by either providing or sourcing the technical resources needed to begin development.

What truly sets our start-up acceleration offering apart is the Santegic Health Tech Platform. Our platform combines the underlying technical components and infrastructure required to build a market-ready health tech application. Leveraging the platform greatly shortens development time – and time to market – by providing a ready-to-use, purpose-built set of services and components that can serve as the backbone of your application. Find out more about the Santegic Health Tech Platform.

Once the application is ready to launch Santegic’s full range of advisory services come into play, helping with everything from sales to compliance, and training to technical operations support.

Not a health tech start-up? Find out more about how we can help you.

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Healthcare Provider

From all things digital health, to procurement and from process optimisation to sustainability and more, Santegic’s advisory team can help identify and exploit opportunities to drive services forward, increasing efficiencies and ultimately shape a better patient experience.

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New To Market

As a recognised and trusted operator in the Irish health tech sector, our experienced and connected advisors bring the deep market knowledge needed to help you quickly establish a meaningful presence.

Ready to take your startup to the next level?