About Santegic

Santegic was born out of the desire to help deal with a challenge facing the Healthtech industry as a whole. How to bring healthtech innovations to the market faster and more efficiently, while reducing the risk to innovator and adopter.

The Santegic team, over the last 20+ years, have worked across various parts of the Health and Life Science sector and have seen first-hand the time it takes and the challenges faced bringing new solutions or therapies to market. These challenges are even more profound for public and private healthcare providers to manage, due to the scale and complexity of their organisations and supporting infrastructure.

Our approach

Accelerated Digital Health

With the benefit of being at the heart of covid solution delivery, working with a significant number of governments and other healthcare providers during the Pandemic, it became clear that there is a need to accelerate the adoption of solutions that can have a meaningful impact on patient outcomes while reducing some of the burdens faced in the healthcare system.

This level of acceleration is essential to the future of healthcare, but must be securely wrapped in a robust risk mitigation strategy. Santegic was created to provide the advice, support and necessary technology platforms to help innovators and the adopters of those innovations, move at pace, comfortable in the knowledge that any solutions underpinned by the Santegic platform have been verified and checked to the highest standards and will be supported throughout the lifetime of the project.

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